My name is Brooke Harding and I am a Geographic Information Officer with a passion for design and visualization. I graduated from the University of Wisconsin with a degree in Cartography and GIS, as well as a certificate in Russian, Eastern European, and Central Asian studies. Now you can find me in DC mapping out my favorite local coffee spots!

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In the Heart of it All

The first map I ever designed, showing distance with concentric circles. This one really sparked my "love" of cartographic design!

Political Map of Europe

A map of Europe focusing on the typographic challenge of label placement.

Polish Americans in the United States

A map of the approximate number of Polish Americans in the US, although there is no official set of characteristics to define who can truly consider themselves a "Polish-American."

How Far Can You Stretch Your Dollar?

This is a cost projection visualization using results from Kayak.com to determine how far a dollar can really get you.

Vampires Over the Ages

This map is to serve as a class aid for the most unique course on the UW Madison campus: The Vampire In Literature And Film. The course analyzes essays, stories, and films. With this map students have a visual of vampiric "imaginary geography."

Not Just a Route Map

A practicum group collaboration to develop a series of wayfinding maps for patients at a free clinic in Tennessee who are either illiterate or use english as a second language. The goal was to develop icons and techniques that would use little to no words. My favorite contribution to this project was designing the stoplight icons!

52 Years of Rivalry

Two of the most famous teams in the NFL, this infographic breaks down the complete history of the Packer-Viking rivalry.

A Local's Guide to Cows, Colleges, and Contentment

First TileMill2 project focused on icon design for POIs in my hometown of Northfield, MN.

The Wisconsin Wolf Harvest

Web tool designed by myself, Brian Davidson, and Margaret Raimann, to help visualize the data from the first ever wolf harvest in Wisconsin.

Is There a Correlation?

D3 visualization intending to show the relationship between specific variables and obesity in the state of Arizona.

Ladies of Langdon

Senior Capstone article by myself, Emmy Burns, and Molly Ryan analyzing how women’s experiences on Langdon Street, an inherently gendered space, influence their behavior and perceptions of safety.


Thanks for checking out my site, for more recent projects just ask. Happy to share on a case by case basis.